Homemade Marshmallow Fluff

20140707-014915-6555159.jpgOoey goey homemade marshmallow fluff. The thing i like about being able to cook is to be able to recreate what i can’t get at all or often. In my country, there are no such thing as marshmallow fluff. We do have loads of marshmallow and not the fluff.. The SPREADABLE MARSHMALLOW one.. Okay, yes i never tasted marshmallow fluff or cream before. BUT this one taste just like marshmallow. Sticky… Goey… Sweet.. Light… Owh yeah. I think it’s about right. You do need a mixer for this. Stand mixer would be best but you won’t be able to to whisk it by hand or else you’ll have numb arms…. But if you’re willing to do it, i would like to say that i have warned you!
So here are the ingredients:

20140707-020914-7754199.jpg corn syrup plus maple syrup, water, powdered gelatine, sugar.

20140707-021042-7842957.jpgso first, soak the gelatin in water.

20140707-173436-63276581.jpgpour the sugar in a saucepan, add some water.

20140707-021412-8052720.jpgpour in the corn syrup + maple syrup and bring it to the heat.

Now working with hot sugar is dangerous, so i didn’t take the risk of taking picture when i work with the hot sugar. I don’t want to have a three degree burn just because i made marshmallow cream….

But seriously, the process i think is suuper fun. Like it’s the work of SCIENCE. No, i can’t explain it scientifically, i’ve never been good on science. But i do know that when the hot sugar poured to the gelatin, the gelatin started to melt, and when the mixture gets beaten in a high speed with the mixer, we practically just beating it to incorporate air into the mixture resulting into a fluffy, airy, white fluff.

20140707-022343-8623963.jpg i mean look at that..mmmmmmm marshmallow… Stringy (and messy) spreadable marshmallow

20140707-023309-9189583.jpgthis is the classic white marshmallow fluff. I do know that there’s one that is strawberry flavored. Oh you could definitely make this one with any flavor you want! Here are some idea:
• chocolate: melt some chocolate, once the marshmallow fluff is done, pour the chocolate and fold (if you want to marble it) or whisk it in (if you want it fully incoorporated).
• strawberry: blitz up some strawberry in a food processor to make a puree, and pour it in the marshmellow cream and beat the for about 10sec.
• blueberry/raspberry/blackberry: make blueberry compote by putting berries, water, sugar to medium heat for about 5 minutes, smash up some of the berries if you like, and fold it into the marshmallow fluff. I think it will look better if it’s marbles but it’s entirely up to you.
• REAL vanilla: split vanilla pod in half and scrape the beans, put the beans into the sugar, water, corn syrup+maple syrup and bring it to a boil and continue just as instructed.
You could really experiment on the flavor.

20140707-174308-63788559.jpgignore my bad manicure but focus on that white stringy mess…. I don’t know about you but that makes me want to lick it. That for me is food porn.

Homemade marshmallow fluff ingredients:
• 250g sugar
• 50ml water
• 12g powdered gelatin
• 35ml cold water
• 75ml corn syrup
• 75ml maple syrup

How to make:
1) Soaked the gelatin with 35ml of water in a big bowl.
2) Incorporate the sugar, 50ml of water, corn syrup and maple syrup to a pan and bring the mixture to the heat until it reaches 130°C. If you don’t have a candy thermometer, drop a little of the sugar syrup into an ice cold water and touch it wether it hardens immediately.
3) Remove from the heat, start the mixer and slowly pour the sugar syrup into the soaked gelatine. Keep on beating it until it begins to get glossy and fluffy. It will take about 5 minutes.
Be careful when dealing with hot sugar!
4) Put the marshmallow fluff in a jar and they’re ready to eat!