DIY Non-stick Pan Release

20150523-132046-48046228.jpgI always felt that cutting a parchment paper into circles to line the bottom of a pan is a waste.
I mean, the rest of the cuttings is unusable anymore.

Meanwhile non-stick spray is quite hard to find in my local groceries and even if there is, it’s not a cheap stuff to buy.

20150523-145825-53905675.jpgAnd so i was searching the internet to solve this problem and stumbled upon Homemade Pan Release.

I love this gloopy concoction thingy!
This non-stick gloop is (so far) always works!

And the best thing is this gloop is suuuuper easy to make.

20150524-004827-2907407.jpgAll you need is oil, shortening and flour. That’s it!

20150524-132543-48343265.jpgPutting it up together is even easier!

Just mix everything together and you got yourself a non-stick gloop!

Easy peasy right?

20150524-133520-48920425.jpgNow it’s time to get your trusty brush and brush away!


20150526-124606-45966363.jpgI’ve used this gloop on many types of cakes and it has never failed me.

Obviously using this is much much more practical than cutting parchment paper into the size of your pan or having to butter a pan then coat them with flour…

I’ve used it on a dark coloured cake such as chocolate cake also with light coloured cake such as vanilla sponge cake. It has never failed me.

I didn’t store them in the fridge and it stays up quite good. But as the original article says to put it in the fridge so that it won’t seperate, maybe you should do that.

Your choice really

I just don’t have the patient of waiting for it to thaw so that i can use it.

But in my part, i don’t experience any separation on my non-stick gloop.

I hope this DIY non-stick gloop makes your life a whole lot easier! Cause it sure did help me a lot!

Non-stick Pan Release recipe
Adapted from iambaker’s Homemade Pan Release.

• 1 cup oil (i used vegetable oil)
• 1 cup shortening (make sure it is soft or at room temperature)
• 1 cup all-purpose flour

How to make:
1) Put everything together in a bowl then mix them until smooth and combined
2) Store in an air-tight jar in the fridge (to prevent seperation) or at room temperature.


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