Marbled Matcha Chiffon Cake {Decorated for Christmas!}

20151205-133052-48652134.jpgChristmas is coming!!! Yes. Yes. Yes. I looooooove holiday seasons.

It’s 20 more days to Christmas! Although I never received any presents on Christmas (sad.. I know, but it’s not really a thing on my family) but I still love gather around with my family during Christmas. I love the atmosphere, the decorations on public places, the soothing jazzy Christmas songs.

My family and I usually spends Christmas (if we’re not traveling anywhere) at the church. It is a celebration to commemorate the birth of Jesus after all.

But the thing that I’m super excited about is all the Christmas themed dessert!!! As i’ve said on my ghost meringue post, I looove making things with a theme. And Christmas theme is a good theme.

And although this dessert is not necessarily a traditional Christmas dessert, but I found a cute cake topper with a Christmas theme so I thought I should make use of it.

Let’s get baking then, shall we?

20151205-133134-48694398.jpgFirst thing first, whip the egg whites with the sugar until stiff peaks.

20151205-133218-48738569.jpgNext, with the same beaters, whip the yolks with sugar until pale and fluffy.

20151205-133252-48772826.jpgIncorporate the whipped egg whites and yolk, fold them together.

20151205-133326-48806899.jpgSift in the flour and baking powder, then fold just until no pockets of flour left in the batter.

You really don’t want to over mix the batter or else it will be all dense and it won’t rise in the oven. Just keep folding and turning the bowl as you mix.

20151205-133400-48840538.jpgLastly, pour in the melted butter, fold just until the butter has incorporated.

20151205-133504-48904389.jpgIn another bowl, dilute the green tea powder with some hot water, mix until no clumps of green tea left.

Next, take some of the batter and fold it into the green tea until all incorporated.

20151205-133550-48950510.jpgPour the green tea batter into the chiffon batter then give it a little fold (just like 3 or 4 times) just to make the marble effect on the chiffon.

Don’t overdo it because it will get swirled even more when poured into the tin.

20151205-133634-48994704.jpgPut the batter into a chiffon pan and bake.

20151205-133708-49028146.jpgWhip some whipped cream until stiff peak and fold in green tea that has been diluted with hot water.

I used good european whipped cream here. It does make a difference in the dish as it will cover the outside of the cake.

20151205-133759-49079143.jpgI mean.. It’s the holiday! Why not go all the way with some good quality ingredients? And maybe while you’re at it, also use good quality green tea powder and don’t try to cheat it like what I did.

20151205-135813-50293438.jpgWhoopsie got a crack there. It’s okay though since we’re going to cover it with whipped cream.

Once the chiffon cake has baked, cool it upside down on a wire rack.
This prevents it collapsing and it makes unmolding easier later on.

Flip it into a cake board/the plate you want to present it on with the bigger end on the bottom.

20151205-135940-50380964.jpgI’ve always thought that the hole in the middle is a waste.. Less cake portion to eat…
So I decided to fill them up! And also so that I can put mr Santa Clause and mr Rudolph in the middle.

20151205-201447-72887182.jpgSay hello to the holiday mascot.

So all I did was I fill the hole of the cake with a bit of whipped cream, adzuki, then more cream. Cover the outside and then decorate. Lastly, I topped the hole with these little guys.

20151205-201549-72949100.jpgMerry Christmas everybody!!! Let the bell jingle! Oh the Christmas songs…. Love love love this holiday.

20151205-201636-72996388.jpgAlthough when Christmas comes, it means that the change of year will come soon.. I still looove december.

20151205-201943-73183780.jpgI topped the cake with sifted green tea and caramelized peanuts for more decorations.

20151205-202021-73221885.jpgLet’s cut it and see what’s going on in there, shall we?

20151205-202059-73259867.jpgFluffy, moist and marbled inside.

Can you see the green tea whipped cream and adzuki inside? It makes cutting a bit messy but damn it’s good! It’s a nice twist on a chiffon cake.

20151205-202451-73491509.jpgGreen tea marbled chiffon cake that’s fluffy, light and not overly sweet, filled with adzuki and frosted with light green tea whipped cream.

20151205-202608-73568631.jpgHave a great one everybody!

20151205-202704-73624518.jpgGreen Tea Chiffon Cake Recipe
Makes 1 serving of 25cm in diameter cake

The chiffon cake
• 5 egg whites
• 5 egg yolks
• 100g sugar
• 90g cake flour
• 4g baking powder
• 5 g green tea powder + 15ml hot water, dilute into paste
• 10g butter, melted

• 200 ml heavy cream
• 40g sugar
• 2g green tea powder + 15ml hot water, dilute into paste
• Adzuki beans
• Christmas decoration

How to make:
1) Whip the egg whites with half of the sugar until stiff peak.
2) Whip the egg yolks with the remaining sugar until yolks turns pale and fluffy.
3) Pour the whipped yolk into the whipped whites, fold until almost combined, sift in half of the flour and baking powder, once all incorporated, sift the rest then fold until no clumps of flour left.
4) Drizzle the melted butter, fold.
5) To the diluted green tea, add 2 spoonfuls of the batter then fold.
Pour the green tea batter into the white batter then fold for 3-4 times to create marbled effect.
6) Pour on a prepared chiffon pan, bake at 230°C or 450°F for 15 minutes, then at 180°C or 360°F for another 40 minutes.
7) Once baked, cool it upside down on a wire rack before taking it out of the pan.
8) Prepare the frosting by whipping the heavy cream with sugar until stiff peaks. Then fold in the green tea paste until combined.
9) Put the chiffon cake on a serving plate and decorate by piping along the top of the cake in a zigzag motion then cover all of the sides of the cake, using a scraper that has a design on the sides, scrape along the side of the cake, giving it not so much pressure so it gives a nice design.
10) Put the rest of whipped cream in a pipping bag, pipe a dollop of the cream inside the hole of the cake, adzuki beans then more whipped cream all the way to the top.
11) Sift some green tea powder on top, lastly topped with the Christmas decorations you prefer.


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