Salmon Pesto Cream Soup with Bread Bowl

20160111-140138-50498883.jpgFirst thing first, Happy new year everybody!!! This is the first post of 2016.

Although this is not a festive new years theme food, but why not (still) celebrate the new year?

Anyway, this food is more rustic and comforting since it’s still the winter time (or rainy season in my case). A great winter warmer meal that’s great eaten in the cold days.

This soup is actually a last minutes dump everything I got kinda soup since i’ve made the bread bowl but haven’t decided what will goes inside, and once I opened my fridge, turns out i don’t have that much of a food supply.
And yes, this post is mostly about making the bread bowl from scratch.

Let’s get started on the bread bowl, shall we?

20160112-210252-75772675.jpgFirst, dump all the dry ingredients which are flour, yeast, sugar, salt and wheat in a working surface then mix it together until all has combined.

Well of course you can mix it in a bowl but I just feel like making this in the counter is easier.

20160112-210342-75822456.jpgNext, make a well in the middle and pour in the warm water, butter and egg, mix until all incorporated.

Now I am making a wholewheat bread bowl, but if you want, you can just omit the wheat bran to make regular white bread bowl.

20160112-210417-75857356.jpgKnead the dough until the gluten developed, you can tell by when it’s no longer sticky, and when you poked the dough, it will spring back.

20160112-210450-75890196.jpgNow it’s time to let the yeast do their work! Let it rest for about 1 hour in room temperature or 30 minutes in a warm oven at about 70°C.

20160112-210536-75936751.jpgSplit the dough into the desired size.

I just weigh them in total then split it into two.

Put on a baking tray lined with parchment paper then let it rest for 10 more minutes in warm place until it rise again.

20160112-210946-76186170.jpgOnce risen, bake in the oven.

This is the most important part! Spray water all over the bread after 10 minutes of baking. This form a crusty crust that makes a good barrier so that the soup won’t leak, also makes it better because it’s crispy!

20160112-221717-80237969.jpgNow on to the soup.
As I’ve said before, I don’t really have the step by step pictures of how to make the soup because this post is more about the bread bowl, well actually also because I made a base soup then decided to add something more and went scavenging on my fridge and totally forgot to take pictures if it.

Anyway, to make the soup, cut the onion and zucchini into little dices.

20160114-191050-69050584.jpgNext, sauté them butter, then add the flour. This will thicken the soup later.

Cook until the flour has dissapear

20160114-191214-69134723.jpgAdd in milk bit by bit. If you put it all at once, it might make the soup goes lumpy because the roux (the butter and flour mixture) haven’t completely absorbed the milk.

Next thing is to add the pesto.
I made my own pesto because I have a basil tree on my garden, and every time as it has grown too high that it started to bend, I just make it into pesto! Maybe I’ll post the recipe sometimes in the future.

Then, put the salmon pieces in. It will take a little time to cook so just cook it for an additional 3 minutes.

20160114-191346-69226466.jpgCut the top of the bread,hallow out the inside to make the bowl, then pour in the hot soup straight into the bread bowl!

You got yourself a great winter warmer soup!

20160114-191555-69355195.jpgDon’t throw away the bread insides. You can use it for coutons, bread pudding, bread crumbs, stuffings and many more really.

20160114-192127-69687516.jpgAhh.. What’s a better way to go through a cold winter day with a bowl of warm soup. Seriously, I think soups are my most preferred dish.

Maybe my favourite.. But I don’t like to say that a particular food is my favourite because, how can you have a favourite?!? Food is love, and love does not choose…

Okay I’m talking gibberish right now. Sorry.

20160114-192357-69837581.jpgAnyway, I hope 2016 is a bigger and better year.

I haven’t made my new year resolution. Don’t think I’m gonna this year. Because I know me (and most probably every person that make resolutions), I’ll be super optimist and write every resolutions that comes in mind not thinking about wether it’s achievable or not, then completely forget about it 2 weeks later.

20160114-192446-69886660.jpgOne thing that I hope that I can do this year is make a youtube account of the video step by steps from this blog.
Well for me, it is easier and more fun to learn something from watching the step by steps. That’s why I can binge watch youtube for a good amount of time.
I don’t have the camera yet so I guess it has to wait. And in case you’re wondering, I still take pictures of this blog with my phone.

20160114-192555-69955176.jpgHave a good one everybody!


Salmon Pesto Cream Soup with Bread Bowl
Make 2 servings

Bread Bowl Ingredients:
• 300 g bread flour
• 6 g instant yeast
• 30 g sugar
• 1 tsp salt
• 30 g wheat bran
• 150 ml warm water (around body temperature/36°C)
• 1 small egg
• 45 g unsalted butter

Salmon Pesto Soup ingredients:
The ingredients that I didn’t put any measurements on is adjustable to your liking
• 30 g butter
• Onion
• Zucchini
• 30 g plain flour
• 600 ml milk
• 50 ml cream
• Pesto
• Salmon pieces

How to make:
1) To make the bread bowl, combine flour, yeast, sugar, salt and wheat bran in a bowl or counter. Make a well in the center.
2) Put warm water, egg and unsalted butter in the well then mix everything until combined.
Start beating (if using a mixer with a dough hook) or kneading (if done manually) until the gluten in the dough is developed, you can tell by the look of the dough that it’s soft and smooth, no longer sticky and when you pressed the dough with you thumb, the dough will spring back.
3) Put the dough in a bowl, cover with a damped tablecloth then rest it on a warm counter for an hour or in a warm oven (temperature of 70°C or 158°F) for 30 minutes.
4) Once proofed, punch the dough to inflate then weigh the whole dough (mine was 628 g), cut into 2 pieces (314g each) then shape it into a ball.
Put them on a lined baking tray, and let it proof for another 10 minutes in room temperature.
5) Bake them in a preheated oven at 100°C or 212°F for 10 minutes, spray the whole bread with water then bake them some more at 180°C or 360°F for another 30 minutes.
6) Once baked, let cool, cut off the top part then hallow out the inside of the bread.
7) To make the soup, cut the onion and zucchini into dices.
8) Sauté the cut veggies with some butter until slightly cooked then add in the flour, cook until the flour has gone.
9) Pour in the milk little by little adding more once the milk has all absorbed by the roux (butter and flour mixture), once all the milk has been incorporated, add in the cream, keep stirring until thickens.
10) Add the pesto then the salmon, cook for about 3 more minutes.
11) Pour the hot soup into the bread bowls then serve!


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