Hello Noël! {Strasbourg marché de Noël}

My first Christmas in France!!! And the best part is that I’m celebrating it in the capital of Christmas! 

Oh yes, I am VERY excited. I’ve always like Christmas. The vibe, the songs, the decorations. But you see, back in my country in Indonesia, christmas is not a holiday that’s being glorified as the majority of the people did not celebrate it. 

I was never told about the existence of santa (disclaimer: he may or may not exist) simply because I was never given a Christmas present. It’s just not a thing in my family. 

So what did I do during Christmas? Well despite the no present from santa, I still love Christmas because I get to get together with my whole family (my aunts, uncles, cousins and grandma). And plus normally I often do a little Christmas present exchange with my cousins. That’s still a really great thing that I will probably miss not being able to be a part of this year. Well.. even though the christmas present is not really something I was pleased about (last year I got a set of crayola….. definitely not something that I would need but still) 

Okay anough of that and let’s get to the part where I go all fangirl like by the beauty of Strasbourg Christmas market. 

Here are the things you’ll be able to enjoy once you’re at Strasbourg Christmas market

1. Vin Chaudvin chaud (literal translation: hot wine) is a must have during the Christmas season! Vin chaud is sold in either red or white varieties. It is basically mulled wine. It’s a wine infused with lots of gorgeous aromatics and spices (cinnamon stick, star anise, orange zest, etc). Once you’ve entered the marché de Noël region, there is no way of not smelling the soothing Christmasy smell of vin chaud, that way you define the know you’re in dor the Christmas spirit!

Fun fact: you get to keep the cup (since it change models each year.. or so i’ve been told) for Christmas memory or you can choose to give it back to the seller in change for 1€.

2) Christmas ornamentsOf course you’ll be able to find lots of gorgeous  christmas ornaments from Christmas lights, garlands, wreaths, and many other Christmas decorations. You name it!

3) The Christmas atmosphere Once you’re here, you can see the streets are decorated with gorgeous christmas lights, everything lights up in the night. You can definitely can feel the Christmas vibe that will bring up your Christmas spirits! 

4) Giant Christmas Tree

​You’ll be able to find a huge Christmas tree that lights up 24/7 with it’s beautiful lights in the middle of the city centre. You can find this Christmas tree on a place name “place kleber” (tram stop homme de fer but since the tram stop is close during marché de Noël for safety reasons you have to get down at either “les halles” or “république” )​​

The lighting of the huge Christmas tree

5) Christmas treats and food!

Probably the most important part of a market, the FOOD! You can definitely find varieties of Christmas treats from a mini cinnamon cookies to a huge gingerbread man. They even sell the spices used for pain d’épice (a spices cake) and vin chaud. 
Have a jolly jolly christmas everybody!