Hello Noël! {Strasbourg marché de Noël}

My first Christmas in France!!! And the best part is that I’m celebrating it in the capital of Christmas! 

Oh yes, I am VERY excited. I’ve always like Christmas. The vibe, the songs, the decorations. But you see, back in my country in Indonesia, christmas is not a holiday that’s being glorified as the majority of the people did not celebrate it. 

I was never told about the existence of santa (disclaimer: he may or may not exist) simply because I was never given a Christmas present. It’s just not a thing in my family. 

So what did I do during Christmas? Well despite the no present from santa, I still love Christmas because I get to get together with my whole family (my aunts, uncles, cousins and grandma). And plus normally I often do a little Christmas present exchange with my cousins. That’s still a really great thing that I will probably miss not being able to be a part of this year. Well.. even though the christmas present is not really something I was pleased about (last year I got a set of crayola….. definitely not something that I would need but still) 

Okay anough of that and let’s get to the part where I go all fangirl like by the beauty of Strasbourg Christmas market. 

Here are the things you’ll be able to enjoy once you’re at Strasbourg Christmas market

1. Vin Chaudvin chaud (literal translation: hot wine) is a must have during the Christmas season! Vin chaud is sold in either red or white varieties. It is basically mulled wine. It’s a wine infused with lots of gorgeous aromatics and spices (cinnamon stick, star anise, orange zest, etc). Once you’ve entered the marché de Noël region, there is no way of not smelling the soothing Christmasy smell of vin chaud, that way you define the know you’re in dor the Christmas spirit!

Fun fact: you get to keep the cup (since it change models each year.. or so i’ve been told) for Christmas memory or you can choose to give it back to the seller in change for 1€.

2) Christmas ornamentsOf course you’ll be able to find lots of gorgeous  christmas ornaments from Christmas lights, garlands, wreaths, and many other Christmas decorations. You name it!

3) The Christmas atmosphere Once you’re here, you can see the streets are decorated with gorgeous christmas lights, everything lights up in the night. You can definitely can feel the Christmas vibe that will bring up your Christmas spirits! 

4) Giant Christmas Tree

​You’ll be able to find a huge Christmas tree that lights up 24/7 with it’s beautiful lights in the middle of the city centre. You can find this Christmas tree on a place name “place kleber” (tram stop homme de fer but since the tram stop is close during marché de Noël for safety reasons you have to get down at either “les halles” or “république” )​​

The lighting of the huge Christmas tree

5) Christmas treats and food!

Probably the most important part of a market, the FOOD! You can definitely find varieties of Christmas treats from a mini cinnamon cookies to a huge gingerbread man. They even sell the spices used for pain d’épice (a spices cake) and vin chaud. 
Have a jolly jolly christmas everybody! 


Cookies and Cream Polvoron

20160729-190742-68862690.jpgHave you ever heard of polvoron? This milky no-bake filipino sweet little bites, will melt in your mouth. I’m telling you, that this thing is addictive!!

The first time I ate a polvoron was when a friend went back from a vacation from the Philippines and she bought a couple of boxes of polvoron. It is sweet and melt in your mouth, I was hooked on the cookies and cream polvoron. I ended up eating half of the box.

And that is why I ended up obsessing on recreating this cookies and cream polvoron since I can’t find it anywhere here on my local stores.

20160729-234808-85688962.jpgSo normally, they would use a polvoron molder to shape those polvoron, but I used a silicon mold instead, just by pressing and compacting the polvoron mixture into the mold, and this is not so traditional, but since I only use a silicone mold, I put it in the fridge for an hour or so to be able to unmold it easily .

20160729-235411-86051524.jpgAnyway, I just want to say sorry that I haven’t posted much in the last 2 months. My 2 post a month goal is very much non existent these couple of months. It’s because I was so busy with stuff. Stuff being…

I’m moving to France to continue my study!!!!
After a year of taking my chances, my dream will finally came through!

Going to France to study patisserie and boulangerie has always been my dream since I was 15 years old. But it’s so far away… And expensive.

After graduating high school, I hold on to nothing but faith that I will be able to study in France. It’s France or nothing. So that being said, I did not apply to any college what so ever. I kept on studying French hoping that I will be able to study there someday.. Seeing my friends, one by one leaving for college and I’m pretty much being a stubborn dreamer who sometimes doubt her decision of postponing going to college.

“So, you finished high school?”
“Yes I did”
“What college are you attending?”
“Umm…. I’m postponing my further studies for a year learning French because I’m going to France next year”

This is how every of my conversation with my aunts and uncles, mom and dad’s friends, or any other people who’s attempting on making small talks with me.

And yet, even if I was so sure on saying I will be going to France next year, I had NOOOO idea what my future will be.

So anyway, I’ve been busy on registration and making my visa so that’s why I haven’t been baking or cooking that often.

And another note, I will move to Strasbourg, in the region of Alsace. A city in the borderline of France and Germany.

Here are some pictures of Strasbourg just to make you jelly (of course, all the beautiful Strasbourg pictures are not mine since I’m not there yet. You can find the source of the pictures by clicking it)

20160730-150615-54375100.jpgMy mind and soul is there already, for a very long time.

20160730-150952-54592978.jpgPlus, Strasbourg is the “capitale de noël” which means the capital of christmas! Can’t wait to spend my christmas there!



20160730-151640-55000124.jpgJust… Gorgeous right? Oh how my wanderlust mind can’t wait to get there!

20160730-151746-55066856.jpgAnyway, back to polvoron. To be honest, I’ve made this cookies and cream polvoron quite a long time ago and I wasn’t planning on posting it here because.. Well the picture quality is not very satisfying. But I still got to post something here at least once! So yeah, pardon the picture quality and the lack of step by step pictures.

Have a good one everybody!


Cookies and Cream Polvoron Recipe
Adapted from kawalingpinoy’s recipe
Made 30-40 pcs of polvoron

• 2 cups flour
• 1 cup powdered milk
• ¾ cup sugar
• 8 pcs of oreo, crushed (the original uses only 5-6 pcs, feel free if you don’t want too much oreo)
• ½ tsp salt
• ¾ cup unsalted butter, melted

How to make:
1) In a pan with medium heat, toast the flour until light brown and aromatic, stir constantly then transfer into a mixing bowl.
2) Mix the flour, powdered milk, sugar, crushed oreo and salt until combined then pour in the melted butter, mix until it resembles a coase sand texture. You can test by squeezing a bit of the mixture and it will hold it shape. If not, add more melted butter 1 tablespoon at a time.
3) Press the polvoron mix into a mold (I used a heart shape silicone mold but if you got a polvoron mold, even better!)
4) (optional) put the shaped polvorons into the fridge for 2 hours before unmolding if you’re using a silicone mold then wrap them individually with a candy wrappers or serve them in a mini cupcake liner.

Lemon Curd a.k.a Liquid Gold

Edit: this post was scheduled to be posted at 6th April but somehow it did not post itself like it usually does… After posting about it on instagram that the recipe is on the blog. 20160328-222459-80699105.jpgSpring time is here! What’s a better way than to welcome it with a refreshing lemon curd?

Lemon curd a.k.a liquid gold. Sour yet refreshing, addictive and versatile for anything!

I made this lemon curd because I got so much stuff I want to do with them (other than eating it straight from the jar), also I got quite some egg yolk left from making swiss meringue buttercream so yeah, why not make this addictive lemon curd?

Now for those of you who realise the word “lemon curds” in the picture, I know I annoyed some grammar nazi out there but I know okay, it’s not suppose to be plural. Lemon curd. Yeah, not sure what’s going on in my mind when I wrote it. I realise this after taking all my pictures with it, throwing the paper away then making something that ended up using half of the jar.
Well actually that paper was suppose to stick to the jar as a label but since I refrigerate the lemon curd then trying to stick the label to a wet jar surface (because if the condensation) and failing miserably so yeah.. The pictures will show where I place it in the end.

This one is gonna be a speedy, simple and easy recipe, let’s get cooking!

20160331-111438-40478055.jpgIt all started by painstakingly zesting and squeezing 6 lemons. I squeeze them all by hand, and it took me quite some time to get it all the juices out… But the end product totally worth it though. Yummy lemon curd….

* Don’t be a dummy like me, remember to zest the lemon first then cutting them in half…
* Rolling the lemon before squeezing releases more juice from the lemon! I heard that microwaving it before hand do the trick too but I never bothered, rolling them is enough.
* Don’t zest to the bitter white part of the lemon!

20160331-112412-41052158.jpgAnd the ingredients you need are butter, egg yolks, eggs, lemon juice, lemon zest and sugar. That’s it!

20160404-215057-78657005.jpgFirst thing first, rub the sugar with the lemon zest until all combined, this is not a necessary step but I just like to work dough, etc with my hands plus by really rubbing the zest with the sugar will draw the natural oil from the lemon making the lemon curd even more zestier and smells super lemony.

20160404-221255-79975588.jpgNext just combine the eggs and lemon juice into the lemonny sugar then whisk them constantly (so the egg won’t scrambled) on top of a pot of simmering water (this is called a bain marie) until thick and seem almost like a fluffy goo… Sorry I can’t find a better word to describe it.

20160404-221822-80302519.jpgOnce the lemon curd is thick and voluptuous, remove from the heat and add in the cold cubed butter, stir until all has melted this will give the lemon curd that creamy rich flavour. Also, I would definitely suggest you to use a good european butter with higher fat percentage so that the buttery aroma will come through on the ready lemon curd.

20160404-222616-80776699.jpgLastly, strain the cooked lemon curd for that smooth, silky, lemonny, yummy lemon curd..

20160404-224513-81913061.jpgPut them in a sterilized jar and refrigerate for longer shelf time. This lemon curd can be stored up to 3 months in the fridge.

20160404-224320-81800664.jpgLook at that bright yellow lemon curd! Perfect for welcoming spring time!

20160406-233513-84913783.jpgOh my I’m literally salivating right now. I loooove lemon curd!
20160404-230549-83149207.jpgWho said you can’t brighten up a day with food? Just make sunshine! In a form of lemon curd 😋

Anyway, for easier use for example if you need to drizzle the lemon curd on top of a cake or something, you can microwave it on high for 20-30 seconds depending on your microwave, or submerge the whole jar into a bowl of warm water for about a minutes to loosen the lemon curd.

20160406-111615-40575889.jpgPut these liquid gold on your toast, waffles, pancakes, make desserts out of it, or just eat it straight from the jar! Why not? For me, this is what I did with some of my lemon curd

20160406-111829-40709230.jpgI made little lemon entremet (I’m not sure if this small thing can still be called entremet or not…). I might post the recipe to that cake but I don’t really have any step by steps pictures, since there’s a lot going on inside. Maybe later…

Anyway, have a good one everybody!


Lemon Curd recipe
Makes around 500ml lemon curd

• 300 ml lemon juice (I used 6 small lemons)
• Lemon zest from all the lemons you’ve juiced
• 230 g sugar (or more if you want)
• 7 egg yolks
• 3 whole eggs
• 115 g unsalted butter (cold and diced)

How to make:
1) Rub the sugar and lemon zest together to release natural oil from the lemon. Then add in the lemon juice, egg yolks and eggs, with a wire whisk stir until combined.
2) Put the mixture on top of a pot of simmering water (making sure that the water did not touch the bottom of the bowl) then whisk constantly so that the egg won’t curdle until the mixture has thickened (until it coats thickly a spoon and you can draw a line on the back of the spoon)
3) Remove from the heat then put the diced cold butter, stir until melted.
4) Store in a sterilized jar and in the fridge for longer shelf time.

Warm Caramel Apple Crumble

20151112-015032-6632676.jpgAutumn is here. I looove autumn. It’s getting cold outside, the fall clothing collection is my favourite, and not to forget all the comfort food to eat in the cold weather.
And sure enough this warm caramel apple crumble is one of it. It is warm and gooey because of the caramel, and it has a crunchy top thanks to the crumble. This is to die for.

And plus apple is such a fall fruit. Well, I nearly forgot since there are more than enough recipes with pumpkin that symbolize fall but don’t forget about the apples!

Enough talking and let’s get to baking, shall we?

20151112-104426-38666901.jpgFirst thing first is to make the caramel sauce.
In that pan there’s sugar, corn syrup (to prevent the sugar to crystallize back up) and pour in some water.

Sure you can use store bought caramel sauce or canned dulce de leche but seriously, making caramel is easy, don’t waste your money on something loaded with coloring and preservatives.

20151112-104839-38919350.jpgBring them to a boil until the desired caramel color has been reached

20151112-105014-39014368.jpgPour in cream (be careful it will steam so watch your hand), then stir until the sugar and the cream has combined.
Add in butter and salt to make salted caramel.

A bit of tips, don’t leave your caramel unattended. I thought I can leave it for a moment to prep all the other ingredients. Notice that I changed my pan? Yep, I burnt the first batch of caramel. Silly me.

20151112-105508-39308170.jpgNext up, crumble.
All you need is flour, sugar and butter.

20151115-140406-50646985.jpgA crumble is a crumble for a reason, so just crumble it up!
I used my hands and just rubbing the butter with the flour and sugar until it form clumps like wet sand. But if you like, you can use a food processor, a pastry cutter or like me, your hands.

And just like that, you got your crumble ready to rumble (I need to say sorry here, bad pun, I know. Can’t get it off of my head until I wrote it)

20151115-140223-50543897.jpgNow on to apples. I used Granny Smith apples. You could use any cooking apples of your choice, I just like to use granny smith because it has some tartness that will go great with the sweet caramel.

Also, granny smith doesn’t brown too quickly because of the tartness content on it. So, once you’ve cut it, just work quickly then you don’t need to add any lemon juice or anything to stop it from browning.

20151115-140944-50984258.jpgCut the apples.
I prefer it thinly sliced so it cooks faster too, but feel free to cut it anyway you like.
It’s your comfort food! Make it however you want.

20151117-011926-4766494.jpgOne more step to go before this ooey gooey caramel apple goes straight to the oven (and then into the mouth)

Heat some butter in an ovenproof pan.
I used salted butter here, but if you don’t, I would recommend putting about a pinch of salt in it with the apples to pop more of the flavours.

20151117-011508-4508828.jpgSauté the apples in medium heat just to draw some of the moistures out so that the caramel stays gooey once baked with the apples.

20151117-011712-4632365.jpgI sprinkle in some cinnamon, this would be a good time to sprinkle in the salt if you’re not using salted butter.

You can omit the cinnamon if you want, but I feel like cinnamon gives an even more “comfort food” feeling to a dish.

20151117-190253-68573413.jpgOnce all the cinnamon has evenly distributed, pour in the salted caramel. Stir it a bit to make sure all the apples got coated with caramel.

20151117-190517-68717117.jpgTop the caramel apples with the crumble.
Again, it’s up to you if you want it to have big chunks or not.

Now off to the oven it goes!

20151117-192228-69748409.jpgI sprinkle some toasted almonds to add even more crunch. Warm, gooey, sweet and salty caramel apple crumble.
Such a comfort food.

20151118-100441-36281013.jpgComfort food to me is something that is easy to eat, and easy to make.
That is why this recipe is tweakable. You can make it your own.

20151118-100847-36527327.jpgScoop a big portion, oh yeah, I would recommend to eat this with (preferably) vanilla ice cream. HEAVEN.
But I was out of ice cream at the time so yeah.
I mean, it’s good just as it is, but you know… Ice cream makes everything better.

20151118-101235-36755668.jpgFyi, I only put them on a plate just for the photo. In reality, I just scoop them straight out of the pan and gobble it up.

20151118-101525-36925762.jpgHave a good one everybody!


Warm Caramel Apple Crumble Recipe
Makes about 20 cm in diameter cast iron pan

Caramel Sauce
• 100g white sugar
• 1 tbsp corn syrup
• 30ml water
• 70ml heavy cream
• 30g unsalted butter butter
• 1 tsp salt

• 50g butter
• 50g all purpose flour
• 30g icing sugar

• 2 granny smith apples
• 1 tbsp salted butter (or unsalted butter + a pinch of salt)
• a sprinkle of cinnamon
• Almonds (optional)

How to make:
Caramel Sauce
1) In a pot, combine sugar, corn syrup and water. Put on medium heat until it reaches the caramel colour you desired.
Brush the sides of the pan with cold water to prevent crystallization during the cooking time
2) Pour in the heavy cream, stir until all the sugar has combined.
Be careful of the steam once you’ve poured the cream
3) Turn off the heat, then stir in the butter and salt until all melted and combined.

1) Combine the butter, flour and sugar in a bowl then start rubbing the butter until it resembles a wet sand consistency.

1) Peel and core the apples then cut them into thin slices.
2) Heat butter on a cast iron or oven proof pan, then sauté the apples until most of the moisture has gone.
3) Sprinkle the cinnamon then stir until combined.
4) Pour in the caramel then stir until all of the apples got coated.
5) Sprinkle the crumble on top of the apples.
6) Bake at 180°C or 350°F for 10 minutes then put on broiler for another 10 minutes or until the top is golden brown.
7) (Optional) Toast the almonds on a pan, keep stirring and tossing until light brown, sprinkle on top of the warm apple crumble.

Ghost Meringues

20151024-191517-69317555.jpgHalloween is coming!!
I am excited for halloween. Not because of the candies since we don’t celebrate halloween here in Indonesia, but I’ve always love to go with a theme, for example if it’s summer, I’ll make a super summer dessert, or if it’s valentine I’ll paint my nails with all those pink-red-white-purple colour and with hearts and all…
So I am excited for Halloween for all the Halloween stuff I’m gonna bake. This is one of them. Easy ghost meringues.

I made a lot of pastry cream a few weeks back and I end up with loads of egg whites. And so I decided to make meringues, since halloween is coming, why not make something ghostly?

20151024-233836-85116564.jpgThis sweet treat is simple. The ingredients are just egg whites and sugar. I adapted this recipe from the meringue girls and the quantity is just super easy to remember. It is 1 part egg whites to 2 parts sugar. So I would suggest you weighing the egg whites first then just multiply by 2.

20151027-234213-85333729.jpgNext is to incorporate the sugar with the egg whites and beat them away!

This is just a basic recipe of making meringue. You can apply this on making macarons, the top of lemon meringue pie, or just any other meringue desserts really.

Here are some important notes you need to keep in mind when making meringue:
1. Be sure that the bowl and the whisk you’re going to use is grease and water free. Be sure to wipe the bowl clean and to be safe, wipe the bowl and whisk with some vinegar to get rid of any invisible grease left in the bowl.
2. Do not use plastic bowl. It might works but to be sure, use aluminium or even better, copper instead. Plastic bowls usually traps oil so it is harder to get rid of the grease that will prevent the egg whites to get fluffy. Aluminium is great but often times that it gives the meringue a grey tinge. Copper would work best but it is quite expensive.
3. Make sure there are NO YOLKS even the slightest little drop of it. This will also prevent the egg whites from whipping up.
4. Heat the sugar before adding it to the egg whites. This way the sugar will dissolve faster and no gritty meringue. Just put the sugar on a grease proof paper and pop it in the oven with the temperature of 200c for 5 minutes until the edges starting to melt.

That’s about it! Now let’s get whipping!

20151028-001653-1013309.jpgWhip them until all the sugar has dissolved and the egg whites has reached a stiff peaks.

20151028-002001-1201509.jpgPut them in a pipping bag with a round tip.

I love to use this hack of putting the pastry bag into a glass rather than having one hand holding them and the other scooping.

20151028-002955-1795449.jpgNow pipe the meringues into a ghost shape! Just pipe them close to the pan then pull up as you squeeze. Then just draw the faces with food colouring. Or if you want, bake them first then draw the faces with black coloured royal icing.



20151028-010204-3724241.jpgHappy Halloween everybody!

Trick or treats? 🎃


Ghost meringues recipe
Adapted from meringue girls recipe.

• 30g egg whites (around 1 large egg)
• 60g sugar
• Black food coloring or black royal icing

How to make:
1) Spread the sugar evenly on a parchment paper then heat it on a 200°C or 400°F for about 5 minutes until the edges of the sugar begins to melt.
2) Whip the egg whites into soft peaks then start adding the sugar little by little. Beat until stiff peaks (when you pull the beater, the egg white peaks stays standing ) and all the sugar has dissolved (when you rub the mixture between your finger there are no more gritty bits).
3) Put the egg whites into a pipping bag with a round tip, then start piping the ghost on a parchment paper by squeezing quite close to the pan and pulling up as you go.
4) (optional) draw the faces of the ghost with black food coloring.
5) Bake at 130°C or 270°F for about an hour (basically just drying them. They are done when they can easily be pulled off from the sheets).
6) (optional) once cooled, draw the faces with black royal icing.

Make Your Own Butter and Buttermilk at Home

20150903-135427-50067825.jpgButter is amazing… Make them into buttercream, into cakes, brownies, or even spread it on your toast… My favourite breakfast is a toast smeared with jam and dotted with cold unsalted butter so that when I bite into it, there are some cold creamy butter melts in my mouth…
It isn’t unusual to hear people say that their favourite food is butter. As much as it sound like a fat kid who says that, butter IS AMAZING.

I think that butter is one of the quintessential ingredient a baker must have every time in their fridge. But what if we ran out of butter and don’t have any time to go to the market? Do you have heavy cream?
Yep, then it is possible to make your own butter and buttermilk at home!

20150903-140248-50568981.jpgYes, it only took heavy cream into butter and buttermilk! Whoa…
Inside of the cream, there are fats that are intact with the liquid and we are going to separate it into fats which is butter and liquid which is buttermilk.

Keep in mind that the better quality of cream you are using means the better butter it produce.

Tips: Use heavy cream that are in room temperature as the fats will seperate faster.

20150905-165921-61161333.jpgThe steps are even simpler than the ingredients! Just whip’em like you’re making whipped cream.

20150905-170237-61357765.jpgYeah, just like making whipped cream..

But hold on! We’re not making whip cream! We’re making butter and buttermilk!

20150905-170352-61432237.jpgBut.. While we’re at it.. Maybe we can take some time to admire those ripples… Of.. Yummy… Whipped cream…

I’m not gonna judge you if you dip a finger and try some..
Which is NOT what I’ve done.. No no I did not *ehem*

20150905-170819-61699615.jpgAnyway since we’re going to make butter, keep that cream whipping

Just keep whipping.. Just keep whipping

It will look like you’re going to make a mistake of over whipping some delicious creamy whipped cream. Oh yeah, that’s exactly what we’re doing.

Whipping this cream makes me sad that I only knew that over whipping cream change it to butter.
Let’s take a moment of silent to those over whipped whip cream that are thrown away because I, and some other careless people thought that those creams are unsavable…

20150905-171728-62248748.jpgAfter about 7-10 minutes of whipping those heavy cream, you will get something (looking kind of gross actually) like this.

That yellow stuff are butter and the cloudy water are buttermilk.
That’s about it really.

20150905-172804-62884159.jpgI rinse my butter with an ice bath. Some people just rinse it through a cold tap water until the water running down clear. Just be sure to rinse the butter from the buttermilk throughly.

20150906-155708-57428263.jpgYou’ve got butter and buttermilk!
20150905-182925-66565288.jpgStrain the buttermilk to make sure there are no little chunks of butter left.

You can use the buttermilk for pancakes, waffles, and for me, I bake a red velvet cake the next day.

20150905-211937-76777788.jpgPour them in a clean (preferably sterilized) jar.

20150905-213229-77549710.jpgIf you want to make unsalted butter, just leave them be. For salted butter, just mix some salt to it.



Have a great one everybody!


Homemade butter and buttermilk
Makes about 430g butter and 600ml buttermilk

• 1 liter heavy cream (room temperature)
• Salt (optional)

How to make:
1) Whip the heavy cream for about 10 minutes or until the cream curdled and split into butter and the water
2) Rinse the butter from the buttermilk by dipping in an ice bath
3) Strain buttermilk to remove leftover butter bits
4) Add salt to the butter to make unsalted butter (optional)
5) Store buttermilk into a sterilized jar

Homemade Dog Treats {Honey and Cheese Flavoured}

20150606-015637-6997231.jpgI’ve never told you guys that I have a dog.. That I loooove so much! He’s such a BIG eater! I love to give him treats because he’s so damn adorable but well.. Here’s the thing, dog treats are not always the most healthiest thing you can give to your beloved pet. I means god knows what is in that stuff! Could be chemical, could be mostly fillers, could be some waste or whatever. The good stuff (where the ingredients stated are mostly real meats) are not super cheap either…

So I decided to give my pup something that will makes him happy and good for him too! This treats are not just easy, requires just 3 main ingredients, it can also be flavoured with anything else!

Anyway I guess in this post I have decided to brag a little bit about my little furball (please bear with me)

20150606-020651-7611729.jpgHis name is Hans Sherlock Longbottom (whew! I know! Big name). What’s with the name? So, about 2 week before he arrives my sister and I had decided to name him Sherlock (another why? Because he’s a pembroke welsh corgi, by means he’s british decedent.. And also we thought that we wouldn’t miss the chance of naming him after our favourite fictional character). Then.. couple days later, the breeder suddenly call us to ask for the name and it has to start with an “H” because it has to do with some kind of the breeder rules or else we won’t be able to get his license. And so after brainstorming another british name, we decided to add Hans.
For the Longbottom, I think you could guess it. Yep! It’s because he’s a corgi and he got a loooong butt. Get it? Long-bottom?

But he still goes by Sherlock!

20150606-153710-56230916.jpgHe loooves to go on a walk at the park. Have you ever seen a corgi run? With their stubby feet and their butt!!! Cutest. Thing. Ever.

20150606-153931-56371906.jpgHe also loves to play tug-and-war. I love it too. Because it doesn’t requires me to move and run as much. Yes.. I admit. I’m a sack of potato.

Anyway enough of my furball (phew! Finally right?). On to the treats!

20150606-154351-56631490.jpgThe main ingredients are egg(s), olive oil and oatmeal. That’s it. And for the flavourings, I add cheese and honey to the mixture.

I use egg whites (one and a half egg whites to be exact) in this one because I just have some of leftovers from my previous baking. But I’ve used just plain eggs and it works perfectly fine.

Did you know that olive oil is good for your dog’s fur and coat? It’ll make them soft and smooth. I mix about a tablespoon of olive oil with Sherlock’s kibble every time he eats and he is the softest corgi everrrr!!! We went to a dog/corgi gathering some weeks ago and he is the softest corgi out of the others!

For the flavouring, be creative with it! Here are some of the treats flavours i’ve made.
• Peanut butter strawberry
• Beef and carrot
• Chicken and tomatoes (pureed tomatoes put into the mixture)
• Tuna and cheese

Be sure to research the flavours you’re going to add.
Do not add raisins, chocolate, garlic, onion, avocado or macadamia
There are some other foods that dogs are not suppose to consume so be sure to research it first.

20150606-160042-57642777.jpgTo make the treats, just add the main ingredients then stir.

I use quick cooking oatmeal where it absorbs a lot of water like really quick.
If you’re using regular oatmeal, make them into oatmeal flour first. Just put some oatmeal into a food processor and process it until it turns into flour.

20150606-160728-58048973.jpgAdd the honey and grated cheese

20150606-160935-58175383.jpgMix them and at this stage, you can put it in the fridge for about 30 minutes to make it easier to shape.
But I always just shape them right away.

20150606-161144-58304768.jpgI tried to make the classic bone shape as best as i could but well..
As you can see i do have a bone cookie cutter. But it doesn’t look very bone like so i just mold it by hand.

But it is too much of a work so I ended up only making one

20150606-161427-58467257.jpgShape it into what ever you like I go with little droplets the size of a kibble (maybe a bit bigger). And then into the oven it goes!

I would suggest making bigger ones for bigger dogs.
But Sherlock likes it bite size because if I made it bigger, he would chew it, spit it, then eat it bit by bit from the floor.

It does took me a good one and a half hour to shape those droplets.

You don’t really need to space them out so much because they don’t expand nor rises when baked.

20150606-162118-58878107.jpgLook at how happy he looks!

“Gimme that human!!!”

20150606-162340-59020576.jpgWe like to play the “stay” and “eat”. Where he can only eat when I say eat.

20150606-162945-59385887.jpgAnd this is how he is when I say “stay”.
**stares at treats**


**gobbles at it immediately**

20150606-163445-59685458.jpgSo Sherlock is turning 7 months today! Wohooo!

This post is dedicated for him (and also the food produced in this post).
Please follow Sherlock’s instagram ❤️

Honey and Cheese Homemade Dog Treats
Made about 16 dozens of 1cm in diameter, dime thickness treats

• 1 cup oatmeal
• 2 tbsp olive oil
• 1 egg
• 2 tbsp honey
• ½ cup of grated cheese

How to make:
1) Put the oatmeal on a food processor then blitz them until powdery
2) In a mixing bowl combine the olive oil and egg then mix until incorporated. Add in the oatmeal flour, mix.
3) Add in the cheese and the honey, mix.
4) Put the mixture in the fridge for 30 minutes (optional) then shape them into the sizes and shapes that you want. Put them on a silpat or parchment paper
5) Bake at 180°c for 10-15 minutes or until brown in color, open the oven door for 30 seconds to lower the temperature down, then turn the oven to the lowest setting (mine was 100°c) and dry them for 20-30 minutes.

* Drying the treats will make them last longer.
* If using quick-cooking oatmeal, skip step 1
* This recipe is adjustable, if the batter is too wet, add more oatmeal. If the batter is too dry, add more olive oil (but remember that you will be adding more liquid in the form of honey).